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                   Expert Craftsmanship + Contemporary Design = Sustainable Jobs for Artisans

Our products are made in Ayacucho, Peru. We partner with men to weave and women to embroider. This is often the only opportunity for them to earn money in poverty stricken rural areas. Using natural fibers and ancestral techniques, each item is a unique example of their beautiful craftsmanship.

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Meet Faustino and Mercedes, the married couple from Ayacucho who are responsible for the manufacture of everything on this website. After an apprenticeship, Faustino started his career as a weaver. Mercedes, like most women in the region, learned how to embroider at
a young age.

With their commitment to artisanal textiles and community action, a business was born in 1995, with the intention of providing work for the region’s weavers and embroiderers. Today their enterprise provides stable livelihoods for over 800 families. Your purchase helps to sustain these artisans, their children, and their communities.

Thank you for shopping Fair Trade!

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